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Coil spring replacement near you

Coil springs are designed to ensure your car’s wheels stay firmly on the ground as well as absorbing the vibrations of any bumps and potholes along the way and make sure your drive is as smooth as possible. Coil springs are a key component of your car’s suspension system, and each car has four coil springs, one at each wheel, designed also to keep your car at the right height.

What causes a coil spring to break on a car?

  • A sudden impact to the suspension like a speed bump or large pothole.
  • Consistently carrying or towing heavy loads.
  • The plastic coating of the coil spring wearing away, leaving the metal exposed to the elements.
  • Wheel imbalance or flat tyre causing your suspension to wear out unevenly.
  • Winter weather or damp conditions cause corrosion making it easier for the coils to break.

We recommend getting your coil springs checked at least twice a year to ensure your suspension is working well, using our network of established garages you are able to book your service at a garage near you in seconds.

How do I know my coil springs need replacing?

On average a coil spring will last anywhere between 60,000 and 100,000 miles, in some cases lasting your car’s lifetime. There isn’t necessarily an expiration date for coil springs however it is best to get your suspension regularly checked to ensure no future issues arise. If you notice any of the following you should get your coil springs checked to ensure all is in good working order:

  • Any unusual noises
  • Your car bouncing more than normal
  • Your car swaying abruptly
  • Any unusual tyre tread wearing
  • Your car sagging on one side

To compare pricing and book a service for checking your suspension and springs, head to our online booking system to find your nearest trusted garage.

Can you drive with a broken coil spring?

It is dangerous to drive with a broken coil spring, as this means your suspension is not working which can lead to a whole host of problems if not fixed quickly; from tyres being punctured to engine damage. The resulting drive would be extremely rough and controlling your car may become difficult, increasing your risk of an accident. 

Can you repair Coil Springs?

Coil springs, unlike leaf springs, cannot be repaired as easily due to the way they are made and shaped. It is likely your mechanic will advise you to replace your coil springs all together to ensure they last as long as possible.

How much does it cost to replace coil springs?

Coil spring replacement costs vary on average; between £130 and £350 depending on whether you need the front or rear springs replaced. It is always recommended to get coil springs replaced in pairs to ensure even wear. The cost will also vary depending on the make and model of your car, so if you have a heavier car this can mean an increased coil spring cost.

Through our network of qualified mechanics, book your coil spring replacement quickly at your nearest garage.

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