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We connect car owners directly to you with our data-driven quotes. Our quick and simple booking system is easy for you and can owners to use.

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Garages who partner with get online visibility and an automatic pricing and booking system so receiving work from us is stress-free for everyone.

Uniquely, our sophisticated pricing engine joins data for vehicle details, repair times and parts prices and then blends it with your information on labour rates, parts discounts and workshop availability. The result is automatic accurate instant quotations and easy bookings.

There are no subscription or licence fees to join, instead we simply collect 10% of the proceeds on a per-booking basis after you've completed the work.

Local, reliable, fast

Our aim is to improve motorists' online experience by enabling accurate quotations from quality garages. We do not dictate your prices or demand costly extra services like "collection and delivery" and we don't hide your identity from visitors to our website. We seek to build sustainable business relationships with our garage partners so we can jointly open up opportunities with individuals and business users looking for quality, convenience and accuracy when booking car maintenance online.

No special equipment is needed, any computer or tablet with internet access is all you need. Our garage dashboard is designed for intuitive use.
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    How to take care of your tyres

    According to research by safety organisation TyreSafe in 2020, one in five of the UK’s motorists never check their tyres and this statistic increases to three out of five for younger drivers. In addition, one in four of the 40 million tyres that daily travel on the country’s road network are illegal in terms of wear or damage and annually, 2.2 million tyre related defects are highlighted as a result of national MoT testing.

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    What do you need to do to prepare for a long car journey?

    Depending on who you are, a car trip can either be a source of excitement or dread for you, it depends if you’re a comfortable driver or if you worry about the little things! Most of the time, things can run a lot smoother if you just prepare properly for your journey, as this will help you in the long run.

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    How to prepare your car for the summer

    As the days are now sunnier and longer, it’s important to prepare your car for the summer months. Summer is the perfect time for road trips with beautiful scenery, and you wouldn’t want that to be interrupted by your car not working as efficiently as it should be.

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    How do I get the best from my aircon?

    It’s the summer and therefore, everyone’s thinking about putting their air con on in their car as soon as they get in it, but how do you know if your air con is up to scratch?

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    How to choose the right garage

    Finding a new garage can be a tricky process, you usually only go to a garage when there's a problem with your car or you have an MOT or service booked in, so it can be a stressful time, especially when it's your first time with a new garage.

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    Why has my battery gone flat?

    Generally, modern vehicles are incredibly reliable, so, as drivers, we take for granted that we can just jump in and get going, without a second thought.

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    Why your reviews matter

    Whenever you use a business or service, you usually check the reviews before purchasing or booking in, so when looking at what garage you should use, it's recommended you look at the reviews of the establishment first.