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Want to supercharge your sales pipeline without leaving the garage? This is your chance to be a trailblazer.

Garages who partner with GaragesNear.me get visibility and an automatic pricing and booking system so you can concentrate on serving your customers when they step in the garage. A servicing appointment booked through GaragesNear.me is stress free for everyone.

There are no subscription or license fees for using our software. No tricks or hidden costs. GaragesNear.me collects a small share of the proceeds on a per-booking basis.

We can integrate your garage into the system in a matter of days. No special equipment needed, any computer or tablet with internet access is all you need. Our garage dashboard is designed for intuitive use and our team is eager offer support. So what are you waiting for? Fill the form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Less paperwork, Less hassle

Let us take care of the admin work so you can focus on running a smooth garage.

Modern Booking Platform

Easy to use self-serve platform where your garage can manage your calendar, upload new pricing and products.

Additional Sales Leads

To fill excess capacity GaragesNear.me can serve new sales leads locally to your garage.

Improved Customer Experience

Allowing customers to book online is now the norm. Let's delight your customer with a smooth experience.

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